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If you're like me, you need to see exactly how the tool should rest in your hand, the subtle movement of an arch, the full range of motion in each step.

This video-based course provides many of the benefits of my in-person workshops with the added bonus of being able to learn on your own time, from the comfort of your own home, and the ability to rewatch each lesson as many times as you'd like. ​​​​​​​

Learn to warp your loom, choose colors that play well together, plain weave, soumak, rya knots, how to increase and decrease to create shapes, add shag, explore uses for roving, and get your wall hanging off of your loom and onto the wall.


You'll walk away knowing how to make more than just your basic wall hanging!


This self-led course is for you if:

  • You've been wanting to weave your own wall hanging for like...ever.
  • You enjoy that deep creative satisfaction kind of feeling.
  • You can't stop buying yarn either.
  • You value handmade.

This self-led course is NOT for you if:

  • You're already showing your work in galleries across the country.
  • You like to learn the hard way.
  • You thought this was a course on how to apply hair extensions (although I'm sure there are some good ones out there).

Supplies needed for this course include:

- lap sized frame loom
​​​​​​- 3" tapestry needle
- weaving sword or ruler
- cotton warp
-various weights and amounts of yarn

You can purchase tools from my shop or use your own.

Rachel Denbow,
​​​​​​​Author of DIY Woven Art

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Hello! I believe in making time to make things, being resourceful, and slow clapping when my peers achieve their next great success.

I'm regularly inspired by color pairings from the 70's but textiles from Central and South America have always had my attention. Raised in California, hispanic markets and Vietnemese neighbors were just as influential to my worldview as Girl Scout meetings in the suburbs. My early interest in other cultures eventually led me to a BA in Teaching English as a Second Language and afforded me the chance to live abroad in both England and China. 

Motherhood taught me to slow down and afforded me time to focus on my insane desire to not only be creative, but to be productive in my creativity. Eleven years later I've had the opportunity to write 15 creative skills e-courses, authored a book, and have taught workshops all over the country. Weaving, specifically, has taught me how connected we are to each others stories. It's offered a sense of belonging to a greater community of women throughout the world that know that same rhythm of the weft passing through the wrap. 

I know the ways a hobby can be so much more than a hobby, so it's my great pleasure to introduce you to this very practical and forgiving medium. No promises on how it will change your life but from what I've seen and heard from fellow weavers, it's a very real possibility. 

What You'll Learn

Lesson One: Looms and Tools
What you need to get started and then what you'll need next.

Lesson Two: Designing Your Woven Piece
Learn about my personal design process and how to seek out your own as well as a few ways to ensure you find your own voice in the crowd. 

Lesson Three: Identifying Fibers
Learning the difference between fingering and worsted weight as well as why I almost exclusively use natural fibers.

Lesson Four: Choosing Colors that Sing!
Why I spend so much time on this very important step and tricks to building out a color story. 

Lesson Five: Single Warp, Double Warp
When to use which and why. 

Lesson Six: Plain Weave
Over, under, over, under... 

Lesson Seven: Rya Knots
I show you the fastest way to cut your yarn to create fringe. This will save you so much time!  

Lesson Eight: Single Soumak, Double Soumak
This stitch is so versatile! I show you how to drape it, the different looks you can achieve using one strand of yarn or multiple strands, and how to get it on your warp in half the time.  

Lesson Nine: Weaving with Roving

​​​​​​​Learn how to keep the structure of your wall hanging consistent even when you are weaving with roving and learn to think outside the box when it comes to incorporating unspun yarn. 

Lesson Ten: Decreasing
Create shapes by learning to decrease (and later increase) warp rows. 

Lesson Eleven: Increasing and Interlocking
This lesson pairs well with the previous lesson in teaching how to create color blocked shapes as well as another option to joining them together. 

Lesson Twelve: Simple Shag
See how easy it is to get that dense, shaggy texture in your wall hangings.

Lesson Thirteen: Off the Loom
Getting your wall hanging off the loom and still intact is not as tricky as it looks. 

Lesson Fourteen: Finishing Stitches
I was weaving for three years before I finally figured out how to stitch my hangers on in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Let me save you the wasted years!

Lesson Fifteen: Trimming
How to make sure you get it mostly straight.

Lesson Sixteen: 
How to know what size of yarn you are ordering online, and where to get the good stuff.

Lesson Seventeen: BONUS PROJECT! Woven Statement Necklace DIY

Screenshot studio wall art

Learn everything included in my popular beginner's weaving workshop and more for only $38!

Included in Woven: First Steps

  • 16 lessons written in video format 
  • Information on identifying fibers, choosing colors, and how to double warp your loom for a more dense weave. 

  • A BONUS project PDF teaching you how to create a woven statement necklace. 
  • A resource page for my favorite supplies so you don't have to spend hours searching.
  • 60 minutes of clear, project based instruction that builds on each prior lesson and then offers even more ways to incorporate each technique.
  • You'll finish a lush, textured wall hanging that you'd pay over $170 for anywhere else. 
  • Instant and lifelong access! This course is self-paced so you can work through each lesson on your own schedule and as many times as you'd like.

Purchase Here for $38

A $350 value!

Join the growing ranks of modern weavers that are adding a fresh touch to this beautiful, ancient medium.